Emergenza Rock Festival

F-Connection - Emergenza Rock Festival

26 April 2016 -
Milan - Italy
Legend Club
Emergenza Rock Festival
Duke Music di Luca Lindemann

F-Connection participate at the Emergenza Rock Festival. The experience was as fun, bringing on the stage of the Legend Club in Milan a medley of 3 songs joined together plus one apart, as disastrous from a competitive point of view. In fact, we have not passed the first round against bands of kids with less experience but much more friends: in fact the shift was made through an “applause” calculated by eye and by a show of hands by the person responsible for the evening. Result, thirds out of 5, but only 2 bands went by. Unfortunately, the F-Connection were betrayed by their own audience of friends who did not show up, perhaps even complicit the midweek evening.
Overall it was a fun experience, having no ambition to spend the time bringing a music quite far from the canons of the Festival.
Too bad that, due to a bit of bad mood in the group for other reasons, this was the last appearance of the band because  few weeks later, it broke up.

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